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Petitioning Republican Party of New York State and Rockland County

GOP Leader Vincent D Reda Must Resign

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On April 23, 2012, one day before New York's Republican Presidential Primary, an automated call was made to registered Republican voters in Rockland County, NY. The caller identifies himself as "Rockland County Republican Chairman, Vincent Reda" and boldly demands that "we as Republicans get out to vote and support Mitt Romney for President." More importantly, he follows his demand by falsely claiming that "the other candidates have dropped out of the race."

We, the signed, understand that two conditions exist that may apply to Mr. Reda, and may not be mutually exclusive, in our understanding of the circumstances that may have attributed to his lying to party members:

A) Vincent Reda was ignorant of the current status of his own party's primary election and the standing of its candidates' campaigns.


B) Vincent Reda acted on the malicious intent to unethically sway the election in favor of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, abusing his power as First Vice Chairman of the New York Republican State Committee and, perhaps, even violating election laws.

Either scenario demonstrates Vincent Reda's utter incompetence and discredits any claim he may have to his position. He has betrayed the trust of his party members, corrupted our democratic process, and is unworthy of representing Republicans in any capacity. His values and his actions are inconsistent with those required by his distinguished position and deserved by the Republican Party.

With these facts wholly considered, we, the signed, demand that Vincent Reda, First Vice Chairman of the New York Republican State Committee, resign from any positions held and assume no other in the Republican Party. We also demand a public apology from Vincent Reda and the New York Republican State Committee.



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