Youtube to give "MindChop" their 100k plaque, so that Linus can be reunited with his!

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Dear Google, and fellow YouTube viewers, recently a company (NXIC) declared bankruptcy and therefore hosted a "Bankruptcy auction". This was highlighted to the general public by the YouTube channel "Linus Tech Tips" in one of their most recent uploads "NCIX Bankruptcy Auction - Day 1" & "NCIX Bankruptcy Auction - Day 2 FINALE" 

During these videos, Linus is clearly showing some emotion whilst visiting the place where it all started for him, and sharing some of the memories of his time working there. He clearly showed a huge level of attachment to one particular item being auctioned off, the "NCIXcom 100k YouTube play button". 

In the second video, unfortunately for Linus, he was unaware at the time that his prized memento had just been auctioned off, to the bidder who owns the YouTube channel "MindChop". "MindChop" purchased this particular item as for unknown circumstances/reasons, he did not receive his own 100k plaque when his own channel reached the required level and therefore he wanted to purchase one for himself. 

Linus managed to contact MindChop and whilst it was initially offered to Linus as a sign of respect, Linus declined the offer and allowed MindChop to keep the plaque belonging to the YouTube channel Linus had effectively built from the ground up himself.

During the final installment of the video, Linus clearly expresses disappointment in not being reunited with someone he holds dearly to him. 

Regretfully, after the videos were uploaded, the YouTube channel "MindChop" has been receiving a lot of hate comments shaming them for "Stealing" "Taking" "Purchasing" what was not theirs and I have no doubt that this will be affecting the mental wellbeing  of the receiving individual. I am positive that he regrets keeping it just as much as Linus would most likely regret allowing him to keep it.

So here is how YOU can make a difference...

By signing this petition you are bringing it to the attention of Google, the parent company of YouTube that clearly, there has been an error on their part in regards to "MindChop" not receiving their justly deserved 100k Subscriber Plaque. 

By Google rectifying the situation and sending "MindChop" their official plaque, it would then be possibly for Linus to have his so equally deserved NCIX 100k subscriber plaque returned to him. 

The fallout of this mix up has clearly affected both members involved on a personal level and has had a much wider effect on the gaming/tech community who follow Linus for all the amazing content he and his team have provided us with. 

Nobody deserves to lose out on the chance of being reunited with such an important part of their history, nor does anybody deserve to be hated on through the medium of YouTube comments for what was clearly a civil interaction.

Please fix this situation Google!