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Youtube: Keep Prager U's videos in restricted content and remove their Ads

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Prager U is currently appealing the "Restricted Mode" status set by Youtube on much of its content. In addition to a lawsuit, they're currently working on a petition to try to convince Youtube to take their content out of "Restricted". This petition is a counter-petition to that petition.

Prager U's content is deliberately misleading and often completely untruthful. They promote transphobia and policies that are discriminatory against marginalized people. In addition to directly attacking many members of the Youtube community, they also attack many members of the Youtube viewerbase just for being the way we were born. Youtube should not tolerate this stuff or allow it to be shown to accounts that can't view Restricted content. Racism, sexism, transphobia, and historical revisionism supported by white nationalists are things that have no place in intellectual discourse. Rational discussion takes place between factually accurate concepts, not blatant, hateful lies. Dennis Prager is an avowed homophobe, and is pumping lots of money into these misleading videos to try to proselytize his hateful, superstitious rhetoric to children. (And did we mention they're not a real university?)

This petition also asks that Youtube remove Prager U's ads from their regular ad lineup. Marginalized viewers old enough to look at "Restricted" content are tired of seeing discriminatory, hateful lies about themselves shoved in their faces when trying to watch something unrelated.

Please be considerate of all the marginalized voices affected by the misinformation they're trying to influence people with, and consider this petition instead.

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