Disable the "fi" ligature on Android.

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Android is an operating system used by many devices across the world. It is known for its openness and stability. But there is one flaw in its design, the "fi" ligature.

On Android, when the letter "f" is followed by the letter "i", the head of "i" disappears. This is called the "fi" ligature.

Look for words that contain "fi" like "notification" and "file" on your Android device. You will see the head of "i" is missing.

Sometimes the ligature is needed because some letters can touch each other when placed together. To resolve this, designers combine the letters into one glyph, a ligature. Here is an example of a well-designed, necessary ligature

However, in Roboto (Android's system font), "f" and "i" do not touch each other in their natural forms. We use ligatures to ensure typographical harmony. When harmony is already there, the ligature is unnecessary. 

Consistency is also damaged. By logic, the head of "j" should also disappear after "f", considering the distance between the tail of "f" and the head of "j" is identical to the distance between the tail of "f" and the head of "i". But in Roboto, the head of "j" does not disappear after "f"

It is not easily noticeable. But people say that once noticed, the ligature bothers them, because they notice it on their devices daily.

Some people report having to root their devices to remove the ligature to avoid distraction it causes.

If the "fi" ligature bothers you, please sign this petition so that Google understands and disables the ligature for better readability on Android devices.