Huuuge Casino Game App Scam

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Huuuge Casino is a gaming app that can be found in the App Store ... Google Play (for Android Users) and I Tunes (for I phones).

I have played this game for years.  And have been encouraged through the game to purchase chips when you run out.   This is meant to be a GAME - the chips are generated through the developers of the game for FREE! I have personally spent a fortune here trying to keep playing to help 'the club's' to get LEAGUE POINTS.  I have purchased chips and not got them. Contact support they say it dosnt show on their logs.  Money has also came out of my bank account that had not been authorized by me for this game.  It is quite concerning.  But I know I'm not the only one this is happening to - thankfully!

It is worse than a gambling site - hooking people in to buy from them. Only difference is- you can't get real money back from a real casino if you win.  

I know I am not the only one.  There are countless others who've been 'hooked in' to spend their real money for FAKE CHIPS.  I don't think a game should be charging money for people to play.  It is encouraging addictions - similar to smoking, drinking, or drugs!

I have found many people who've complained about the game.  Trust Pilot is a website whereby people give reviews on different Companies. Many here have expressed their concerns about Huuuge Casino and how they are scamming people of their money.  Even Huuuge Casino Facebook Page many people complaining. 

I think Huuuge Casino should be banned from Google Play and I Tunes for taking people's money illegally.  It is not a FAIR GAME at all.  Everyone who has purchased for this game should be given their money back.  Google Play and I Tunes record every purchase from each person's account.

Please sign the petition for Google Play and I Tunes to ban Huuuge Casino for illegally and wrongfully taking people's money and for either Huuuge Casino or Google Play and I Tunes to pay everyone back who has spent money on this GAME!!