Google: Pay the £1.5bn tax you avoided. It could pay for 60,000 nurses.

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News has just broke that Google ‘avoided paying £1.5bn in tax' that could have paid for 60,000 nurses.

We believe this is deeply unfair, and we believe that everyone should pay their fair share of tax.

Taxes are needed to pay for our NHS, to support our most vulnerable, and to improve our kids’ schools. They also help create better conditions for doing business.

We need to make sure the biggest tech companies in the world help lead to progress for all, not just a small elite group.

That's why I've set up this petition calling for:

  • Google UK to pay the £1.5bn tax it avoided

Do you believe that big companies should all pay their fair share of tax like we all do? If so, I hope you sign this petition and share it with your colleagues, friends, and family. 

Kind Regards,

Alex (Member, United Citizens)

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Thank you to the Tax Justice Network and the Mirror for researching and exposing Google's tax evasion.