Stop Kiosks From Posing As Real Local Locksmiths

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Over the years, key duplication Kiosks have started popping up at box stores and other retailers. Therefore, they get a map pin on Google.

As a real and local locksmith company, that never bothered us. Our goal is to help customers efficiently and affordably. In fact, customers would come to us to fix the mis-cut kiosk keys. 

However, recently these Kiosks have started to pop up in greater numbers and are now claiming/offering locksmith services. The problem is, they are a machine. They have a call center. When you call them, they sub out the job and this causes the customer to overpay.

I want Google to force these Kiosks to have their own category on Google Maps and to stop misleading customers into thinking they're a local locksmith company.

It's simply not fair nor ethical to compare a brick & mortar store with employees to a key machine kiosk and give them the same or often, more online visibility.

If you're a locksmith or a customer that has ever been scammed and agree, please sign our petition.

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