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Remove Truthfully Trisha off of Google/Youtube

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Truthfully Trisha aka Patricia Kirley has been on Youtube for one year.  In this one year of having a platform, she has used this platform to bully, slander, and defame people. She has accused good people of criminal actions such as drug rings, pill mills, drug trafficking, people stalking her all for her own entertainment.  That is not the extent of her wrong doings. 

She has bullied people while pretending to be an anti-bully advocate as well as someone who is an advocate for mental health.  How can you be an advocate when you make fun of people daily about their looks? 

She doxes people, in fact we witnessed her dox a woman with small children.  That puts people's safety in jeopardy. We've witnessed her threaten to tear a woman's hair out while making fun of her criminal record and showing her mugshots. She has called people's Doctors pretending to want information about the cost of a procedure.  We've witnessed her calling a woman's former employer discussing her criminal record and asking them to join forces with her for a criminal case. She told a woman she would bedazzle a gun for her before the woman puts it in her mouth to make it all pretty. She claims she said it was a water gun.  She has accused men of being pedophiles and accused one man of being a possible murderer because this mans Brother was in prison. She bullied a woman who is a cancer survivor of faking the need for using oxygen on video and it was vile.  To top it off she accused a woman well loved in our community of stealing drugs from her dying patients and then went on to say this woman's cancer was karma for that act, which was a lie. 

In Truthfully Trisha's eyes everyone is a drug addict or an ex-con. This woman claims to be someone who is a recovering addict herself.  If you know anything about recovering addicts, they never call out a fellow recovering addict. 

The list goes on and I would be here all day.  We have the footage to prove the claims here. She will say she never did any of this.  She will always blame someone of photo-shopping or taking sound bites. 

She appeared on the Dr. Phil show and he clearly stated she was an attention seeker. He offered her help under the condition she would unplug from the internet for 90 days and she refused and then went on to defame Dr. Phil. 

To all of the people affected by Truthfully Trisha we are so sorry.

Truthfully Trisha is in the middle of a criminal case and the charge is Cyber-Stalking.  Of course she takes no accountability for her actions and mocks the justice system. 

This woman should not be allowed the privilege of having a platform on Youtube to use for vile and threatening behavior. 

Please join us in the hopes that Google will hear our plea to have her removed and sign this petition. 

Thank you, 

The community of Youtube 

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