Google Wifi - Allow mesh in bridge mode

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Google WiFi is marketed as an easy to use WiFi solution with mesh.

Mesh is nice since it allows you to move a device around and it will seamlessly  switch to the strongest Google Wifi device.

There are 2 modes

--NAT (standard) mode
--Bridge mode

Most users run it in NAT mode (which supports mesh), but this may cause issues due to Double NAT

Many users will choose to use bridge mode which simply makes this an Access Point.  Unfortunately, mesh is not supported in this situation.

You can set your devices to the same SSID but when you move around the device may not automatically switch to the stronger unit.

You can check this by viewing the connected devices in the Google Wifi app.


Since this came out, there are many more options which will allow you to run in bridge mode AND take advantage of the mesh.

Google, please update these devices to do the same.