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Perception Is Everything

Google: Put Palestine On Your Maps!

May 27, 2019 — 



We are up against the most powerful corporation on the planet, which is aiding and abetting the government of apartheid Israel in its ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Google has literally erased Palestine from the map.

The importance of this issue cannot be overstated. This is a war of perception. A war for the hearts and minds of the people who, on the basis of misleading propaganda, support Israel either actively or tacitly by failing to speak out against Israel's brutal occupation and ethnic cleansing and apartheid policies.

If a state does not exist on the world's most authoritative maps - and Google maps are now recognised as definitive around the world - then it ceases to exist in public consciousness and public perception.

A place that can't be found on any map ceases to exist *in fact*.

Children around the world are now being taught geography with a map of the Middle East in which no such place as Palestine exists. Instead, the whole of Palestine is designated "ISRAEL".

The exclusion of Palestine from Google Maps was a deliberate decision taken by Google (whose founders have close links to the Zionist state) in consultation with the Israeli government. It is the online parallel of the ethnic cleansing and erasure of Palestinian national identity taking place on the ground.

When Jewish "settlers" tell Palestinians (whose homes they have taken over) that "Palestine doesn't exist", they can support this claim simply by opening Google Maps.

Google representatives have claimed that Palestinian land is delineated by broken lines (without being named) because the borders are "contested". But contested by whom? Contested only by Israel. The Israeli occupation of Palestinian land is illegal under international law. By refusing to identify Palestine in its maps, Google has in effect - and in fact - aligned itself with the Israeli government's position and its illegal and unjust policies.

Google is telling Palestinians that they don't exist, that their country doesn't exist - but that the state which occupies their land by military force does exist.

Palestine was clearly delineated on all maps of the Middle East going back hundreds of years. The decision by Google to erase it, and to title the entire country "Israel" - an artificial state established in Palestine in 1948 against the will of the Palestinian people - is racist, outrageous and completely unacceptable.

So far we have had no direct response from Google. For the moment we will continue to collect signatures and publish posts and articles drawing attention to the issue.

As of the current date, our petition has been signed by over half a million people. Please help us to get it to a million, by sharing the link to this petition on your Facebook page, or to pro-Palestinian group pages. Or share the link on Twitter, Instagram etc.

When we reach our million signatures target our plan is to put out a press release followed by a major media campaign to highlight this issue and call for Google and Google-related services to be added to the BDS list.

Once again, thank you for your support. Special thanks to Abby Martin for her assistance. Please keep sharing the link to this petition. Also please consider joining our Facebook group, which is at:

Zak Martin


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