Google Drive for Linux

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Linux desktop users have been using Google Docs and Google Drive as the most effective solution for Office Suite and Cloud Computing. Thousands of us are willing to even pay a personal subscription to have a fully functional and OS integrated solution since we do NOT WANT Microsoft products.

Users of Desktop oriented Linux distros are millions as can be very easily proven by the ammount of downloads Linux Mint, Ubuntu and similar distros have every year and every release.

As much as Linux community supports the efforts of the The Document Foundation, Apache and several others, it is not likely that they will be able to provide a real substitute for Google Docs + Drive or Office 360. This is a huge opportunity for Google to be the only company that provides such services to the Linux Community.

The Problem
There has always been lack of native support for Google Drive over Linux (not being the case for Android and Mac OS X) and when the Backup and Sync feature was released, Linux was completly ignored. Not even documented APIs so Linux Community can code their own clients.

Solutions We Ask For
We ask Google to release a GoogleDrive client that can work on Linux distros or the well documented APIs that will allow us to create our own Backup and Sync client. Linux Communities will take a lot of advantage of having a cloud based office suite that can compete with Microsoft products and stablish new standards.

Intresting Data to Backup my Claims:

Thousands of clicks per day on most popular Linux distros:

Some very conservative Linux Statistics:

Wikimedia Traffic Analysis (Wikipedia) by OS:

Traffic for Browsers and OS from Wikimedia:

Statistics and Marketshare of OS according to Wikipedia:

If more than 1% of world population using desktop computers is using Linux, why is this not an important Marketshare? (We speak of millions).