Google: Cancel Project Maven

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Google have entered into a contract with the US DoD to develop their machine learning technology in the use of drone footage. The technology will use AI to identify people and other "points of interest". Ultimately, this technology could be used to automate "hunter/killer" drones and develop weapons technology that targets people with no human accountability.

A petition signed by 4,000 Google employees, imploring them to terminate this contract and abandon this project, did not dissuade them, and this week a number of Google employees have resigned, rather than continue to participate in a company of warfare.

As Google consumers, we do not consent to revenue accumulated through our use of Google's various platforms being used to develop military technology. Nor do we wish to support an organisation that ignores the wishes of such a large contingent of its employees.

We request that Google terminate this contract. If not, we will stop being Google consumers, and will cease using Google services. Where practicable, we will:

  • No longer use Google Chrome, and will switch to an alternative web browser
  • No longer use Google as our default search engine
  • No longer use Gmail as our primary email service
  • Not select Android the next time we purchase a mobile device
  • Use alternative services (for example Maps, Photos, etc.) where available

Please, Google, remember your motto: "Don't be evil".


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