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Fix the catastrophic bug causing the "grey no entry sign"

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Dear Google inc., 

I am an internet-savvy small business owner and based on insights, I recieve about 800 impressions a month on my Google Places "window" as it appears to the right of the main search results. A few months ago, I decided to update the picture for my listing. The number of phone calls my business recieves on average plummeted. This sudden change bothered me significantly and I began to aggressively market/advertise through various routes.

It wasn't until several weeks passed that I was sitting at my computer on the Google homepage and wanted to see how the new picture looked on my listing in the search results. I was horrified to see a grey "no-entry" logo where the new picture was supposed to be. My initial impression was that it made it look like my business had closed. I quickly navigated my way to the control panel for my google places listing only to see that everything looked ok. I didn't have any alerts and the picture I updated the listing with was set as the public picture. I decided to try and delete the grey "no entry" sign from my pictures, but it would not let me delete it. 

I've called Google multiple times and my case was always "escalated" to engineers. I am completely powerless to fix this problem myself and apparently, Google is too. I searched the internet for other people dealing with this problem and found many many other people complaining of the same problem and the same experience with google. Most of them have been waiting several months for a fix. 

I can not stress enough how much damage this is causing us. I ask every customer I receive where they found us and 75% of them tell me they found us on the internet. You are a massive company with cutting edge technology that will guide humanity into the future. I find it hard to believe that you have had engineers working on this for almost a year with no solution.

Here's a link to the largest discussion on this problem by those experiencing it:!topic/business/RoqbNuP8C7o

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