Allow to upload updated video in-place on YouTube

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The issue affects both YouTube content creators and their audience, who may be receiving lower quality content.

Currently once a video is live on YouTube, there's nothing much you can do to edit an already uploaded video. You can blur it and cut-out portions of the video, however this functionality is rather limited and becomes unavailable after the upload hits 100k views. I.e., content creator cannot add or update content in the already live video.

So if a content creator discovered an error in his/her upload, or would like to enhance it with new information - the only way to do it is upload a follow-up video or hide/delete existing video and upload a new one, loosing all likes, view count, comments, shares and exposure, as the video link (URL) will change (all YouTube uploads receive a unique URL which cannot be changed or altered). Re-uploading new versions of existing videos with edits frustrates subscribers, as they don't want to watch basically the same video with minor changes. Making a follow-up video puts non-subscribers in disadvantage as they may not know about the follow-up video, and do not care about links to the newer video in the description.

This places content creator in a lose-lose situation: either keep the imperfect video and receive backlash from the viewers pointing out errors or upload a corrected version of the same video loosing all comments, views, likes, etc.

Inability to correct errors is frustrating for content creators who want to make sure their videos are as close to perfection as possible. Using description or overlays to add information is not helping much, as people come to YouTube to watch and listen, not read or click. The viewers are also getting lesser quality content, as the creators cannot correct errors post-upload.

An ability to upload a newer video in place of the old one, keeping the original video URL, comments, likes/dislikes, etc. should help greatly. This should give content creators more abilities to perfect their videos without loosing progress and exposure of the erroneous video. This should also benefit the viewers, as they potentially get better content.

YouTube and Google, please allow YouTube creators to re-upload updated versions in-place of older videos to correct mistakes. Cards, descriptions, pinned comments do not have the desired outreach.

Such feature could be easily abused, though, so some safeguards may be required. Anyway, just because abusers exist is not potent enough to make something completely closed to all the prevailing good people out there.