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Abolish Ghost-banning on Youtube comments

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Many Youtubers are having their comments ghost banned (shadow banned) because they are getting lost in the spam filter, or are deliberately being tagged as spam by trolls who leave hateful comments, and then remove legitimate responses.

There should be no limit to how often youtubers can comment, and there needs to be a simple system to make sure that users are not being unfairly banned. A simple process for users to be able to appeal and re-instate their ghost ban needs to be introduced. There needs to be a clear warning to the user that they have been ghost banned, why specifically they have been banned, as well as clear procedures for how they can appeal, or what they need to do in order to avoid being banned in future. It is highly deceptive to ban a user without informing them, and providing no useful procedure for the user to appeal. 

Here is a suggestion as to how the problem can be fixed (suggested by one of your users): 

'1) Place a notification along with the existing “Community guidelines” and “Copyright” notifications to indicate the user has been flagged by the spam filter and your comments will not be viewable to others.

2) Provide an option to contest the spam flag underneath of the notification  Similar to the way that Youtube already provides a way for users to contest videos that are flagged for copyright material.

3) When someone contests the spam flag, make them jump a few “are you a human” hoops like filling out a captcha, clicking a verification link that is sent to their email, etc. to limit the number of “false contests” from non-human spambots' (Boot Bizarre, 2014)

Ghost banning is extremely deceptive and harmful to discourse within the youtube community. It is not uncommon for trolls to tag a popular response as spam, which results in the comment section being filled with abuse and negativity. Legitimate criticism and opposing perspectives of a video or in response to a comment should not be suppressed—it is an affront to public discourse. 

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