A Petition from Youtube Creators to Youtube in Request of Fairer Treatment

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YouTube is unfairly handing out strikes and bans, so I created this petition in order to protect other content creators while also getting my channel back. Recently YouTube has been deleting videos and terminating channels in a way that violates our first amendment rights. After being on YouTube since 2006, YouTube wrongly terminated my channel on February 21, 2018. At the time my channel was terminated I had over 50,000 YouTube subscribers. The night that it was terminated I had NO Copyright strikes and NO community guideline strikes. Within a few hours on the night of February 21, 2018 I received 2 community guideline strikes within a few minutes time. The next morning my channel was terminated for video content that did not violate YouTube's community guidelines. I am asking you to join me and other YouTube creators by signing this petition, because we deserve better from YouTube. I am asking you to protest by not creating any more videos after you create one last video explaining that you are supporting this petition.  

We, the YouTube creators, will not upload any more videos to YouTube until YouTube meets the following demands that we are asking for.

1. We demand community guideline rules that are not ambiguous, because ambiguous rules allow YouTube to put a strike on any video they desire to regardless of the video's content. We want clear and concise community guideline rules that will allow creators to know exactly what they can and cannot include in their video content. No more surprise strikes! 

2. We demand that YouTube respect our first amendment rights. We want to be able to freely express our opinions and thoughts without being silenced for having a different view point. 

3. We desire more open and more frequent communication. There are times when issues arise, but YouTube doesn’t provide any information about their motives or intentions.

4. YouTube must reinstate YouTube channels that were wrongly terminated due to YouTube's vague and ambiguous community guideline rules. 

We feel these are reasonable requests. YouTube is a platform that requires the work and cooperation of both sides to be successful. YouTube needs creators to create content that engages audiences, and creators need the platform that YouTube provides in order to get their ideas to the people. Unfortunately this relationship hasn’t been operating in the optimum way. We have had videos demonetized when no clear abuse of policy was made, and our channels have received strikes and bans for unfair and unexplained reasons.

IMPORTANT! We are not going to upload any more videos to YouTube until the above demands are met. Simply upload one last video to your channel explaining to your subscribers why they will not be seeing any more videos until these issues are resolved. Please include the link to this petition in your video and in the video description area. 

Without YouTube creators creating new videos YouTube will not be able to afford to ignore our demands. Please support and sign this petition. And most importantly please send it to all of your friends and favorite YouTube creators. 

Charles Walton

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