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Give AngryBirdsCheatsNet Their YouTube Channel Back

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AngryBirdsCheatsNet was one of the first channels to do thousands of walkthrough videos for not only Angry Birds, but hundreds of other mobile apps and games.  Their channel was suspended and they did nothing wrong at all.  They only received a SINGLE flagged video and nothing more.

They recorded all of their own videos and built a library of over 4000 videos after 3 years of work, by only two people!  Channel views were over 40 million.  They are actually the official authorized walkthrough partners of many of the apps that are featured on the channel.  These two took their own time and money to create these videos that helped promote the games and developers they featured and are a huge asset to the YouTube community and gaming community in general.

Please sign this petition so that we can let Google and YouTube know that the channel was suspended for the wrong reasons and that it is important to you to have to reinstated and working again.  Your signature matters!

Here is the link to the suspended channel:

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