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Reveal information on data of Indian citizens given to US security agencies

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Recent revelations in the media have shown how the US Government has been monitoring digital communications of people across the world through their PRISM program. Some of the biggest internet companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo etc were participating in this program, giving away personal data to the security agencies.

The National Security Agency of the USA has been mining vast amounts of private data from telephone and Internet users, not such from America but of users from all over the world. Also, that US authorities make the results of that surveillance available to other governments .The internet companies seem to have passed on private information about their users in other countries including India to the agencies of the U.S government. In fact, some reports indicate that India was the 5th most spied country under the PRISM program.

In simple words, this means – it is quite possible that our emails, chats, photographs etc could have been shared by the Google, Facebook etc with the US security agencies. If this is true, then his is a major violation of my privacy and is outrageous.

These internet companies exists because of their users. As users we deserve to know whether our privacy has been compromised or not. Hence I am asking all participating companies to come out publicly and release information on how much information about Indian citizens have they passed on to the Government of the United States and its Security Agencies.

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