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Google: Bring Nexus Device Play Store to India

Importing makes device costly so people of India are forced to buy low end device.

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Bring Nexus Device Play Store to India

This petition is to bring Google's attention to the plight of Indian android market(actual and potential) due to the 'Device Play Store' not being available in India. The Indian market with its many high-end users and developer community has been very loyal and supportive to Android OS since its very introduction here. It's sad to see Google neglecting such an important consumer base. After eagerly awaiting the launch of the new 'Google Nexus 4' many were heartbroken to find out the huge price difference in the 'Device Play Store' and Local Market.

This policy will prove bad as it will shift the users to other platform howsoever inferior they are to Android 4.2. India currently is a growing market for Android and the introduction of the new Nexus 4 will just help moving this trend at a faster pace. As per the stats there are already over a million android users in the country. Many high end developers and users long for a Nexus. The device, a result of collaboration between LG and Google is a thing of pure beauty and it's saddening to see the discrimination among countries. A pure negligence on Google's part forces the users to look for alternate vendors or platforms which ultimately has a huge impact on the future of the OS.

Looking at the current development community of Android, you will find many big developers from India and Nexus has created a brand name for being the developer's phone should be allowed a fair launch in India. Why are we expected to pay more for essentially the same device? So we (Sushant Parab , Arpit sharma and Aaditya Verma) came with this petition.

Android OS is always known and appreciated for being open and the same is expected from Google. This petition is for bring in light the problems and dilemmas in the minds of Indian android community and we expect a reply from Google.

For users reading this petition : If you wish to support, Please spread this petition as far and wide as you can and also do remember to sign and leave your valuable comments below.

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