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IP ban Antoni Pieter Yahya from Youtube for spamming,video theft and upload video with sexual content

Antoni Pieter Yahya is a Youtube user which stealing famous Youtuber's video and claim it as his own.The main reason I start this petition is because Antoni keep stealing other people's video and remade it into 'cartoon version'.Many people has reported for copyright takedown but it is no use because he keep come back with new account.This is the list of Antoni's accounts on Youtube. [Terminated] [Terminated] [Not active] [Not active]    [Terminated]   [Most likely abondoned] [Terminated] [Not active] [Not active] [Not active]

Antoni is also noticed upload video with sexual content on Youtube which can be seen from here.
The first video with sexual content,please skip the video to 0:51 because that part contain sexual content which about a girl got molested.

The second video,skip to 0:18.Is there needed to make video which show girl show her bra?That part is considerated contain sexual content for me
The third one,start from 0:29.Is there needed make it show nipple?What a pervert.

The fourth,hear the audio or check the description

It is believed he is a pedophile due to certain thing we noticed by check his account.Here is some video which may proof it.
The first video.Nearly end,it mentioned kid porn
He left transcript of that in description,here is copy of it.
'another boy :
hey antonikid kanye. this has from to the
liny kanye and antonikid kanye was has pony
porn and kids porn. you some-'
The second one,near the end he mentioned 'kiddy pronography
This is copied from description
'teacher #2 :
hey teacher. what is that he this. oh sorry.
can't this see kiddy pornographic was nothing.
okay teacher going to the science now.'

The third one,upload by him at another account.But I am not so sure....
*note the third video has been taken down due to child abuse report*

This just first part of things why we want him get IP banned from Youtube.Now let's begin our second part,stolen video.Antoni is also a big video theft which stole video from famous Youtube users.Antoni usually stole video from a very famous Unterganger(the one who make Hitler parodies) called HiterRantParodies,and videos and audios from a famous Minecraft players Tobuscus.Now,let me show you different between the original video and Antoni's stolen version.
This is original video by Tobuscus.
Here is stolen work by Antoni.

As you can see,Antoni is reuse Tobuscus's audio in his video.However if you check the description it is also copied from Tobuscus's video.Let's check the second stolen video.This time I will comparing HitlerRantParodies's video with his stolen work.
Original video by HiterRantParodies
Stolen work by Antoni

The thumbnail is completely same.However,this time Antoni put his cartoon face to cover the real character face.Also description is also same with original videos.

Now let's start the third part,his Antoni's manners.When people leave comment on Antoni's video,Antoni remove them and reply them like this.
'sorry no ohther youtube stolem'
At most of time,Antoni block people that comment on his account,this make his account looks clean and without any stolen videos.These blocked user unable to warn other view that watch his video his stolen work.So...this is what it looks like after he removed every comments.

Recently,Antoni started rude toward comments posted on his video like this one.

End of third part now to the fourth and the final part,why you should sign this.
I will make it in simple format.

  • 1)Our hardwork shoudn't get stolen and remake into cartoon version.

  • 2)He upload video have sexual content which is bad if any underaged kids saw it.
  • 3)He always recreate new channel and upload these stuff after his old channel got terminated,we need show Google or Youtube staff that he need to IP banned.
  • 4)His sexual content video is mostly featured female get molested or show their private parts.These kind of video is very disrespectful if we look it from female's point of view.
  • 5)If we keep ignore him,he will steal more people's video and upload more sexual content stuff.

As you can see,there are many reason why he should get IP banned from Youtube.If he get banned,we will not have to worry our video got stolen again and these kind of sexual content cartoons will never appear on Youtube again.

I am very appriaciate for you spend your time read this,please share it to your friends.I'll appriciate if you share to your friends or other user.

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Remember check this petition everyday because I will update it. :)

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