Stop Illegal Gold Mining In The Amazon

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Stop Illegal Gold Mining In The Amazon

Dear Consumers of the World: 

Help us save the Amazon Rainforest by knowing where the gold you buy originates and supporting less harmful sourcing methods. Sign this petition to show the leaders of the gold industry how important this cause is to our generation.

You may not be aware you are purchasing gold when you buy things like . .Electronics‎ (including cell phones), Computers‎, Awards‎, Gilded or plated items

. . . or that gold may be a component in things like . . .Dental‎ materials, Aerospace technology, Medical‎ Instruments

The Earth is suffering; our climate is changing, our water is disappearing, greenhouse gas emissions are at an all time high, and the plants, animals, and people that live here are in danger.

The destruction of the Amazon Rainforest is largely responsible.

  • The Amazon's forests produce 20% of this planet’s oxygen and its rivers carry 20% percent of Earth’s clean water to sea
  • Many of the plants used to create life-saving pharmaceutical drugs are found in the Amazon
  • The Amazon is home to the highest number of plants and animals anywhere in the world, with new species being discovered every day
  • The Amazon Rainforest is Earth’s most important resources when it comes to regulating the weather. In essence, this forest acts like a pair of lungs for the Earth, and we are destroying it

The Amazon Rainforest is victim to many horrific deforestation practices, the most dangerous of which has proven to be illegal gold mining. Not only does gold mining lead to massive de-forestation, its use of mercury to extract gold from the earth is destroying entire ecosystems.

Mercury is a toxic chemical used to bind gold pieces together. Its presence throughout the Amazon is damaging not only the forest, but poisoning the many indigenous peoples living within it.

Mercury does not break down. Once mercury is released into an area, it can be embedded in that environment for decades or even centuries. At the current rate, thirty tons of mercury are released into the Amazon every year.

We have almost reached the tipping point. If just one percent (1%) more of the Amazon Rainforest is destroyed, our Earth could be irreparably altered.

This means that now is the time. The Amazon Rainforest is dying, but it’s not too late.

If we wish to preserve the Amazon, and the wellbeing of our planet along with it, we must take action now. Awareness is the first step.

The time for change is now. Be a part of it.

Kaili Brannan-16 years old

On behalf of the Amazon Aid Foundation

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