Repoblar España con árboles autoctonos.

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Citizens of the world,

The climatic emergency forces us to act from all socials levels I would propose the following: Inmediate performances >>  Neighborthood groups for minimun contributions crating a fund to buy trees, organized or individual collection of native seeds to sow at th time, on internet there are simple and effective demostrations of how to do it, always respecting privaty property. Collaboration of gardeners and farmes to ensure proper planting. Bank contributions of 1 percent of your annual earnings altruistically to greenhouse for planning and logistics (water rafts for irrigation, transport, fire monitoring, shovels, hoses), etc. State contributions for schools that form chilhood to take care of nature and do activities, Army collaboration to plant trees as has been done in China.The goal is to increase and protect forest as CO2 storage media. Forest and river cleaning, use the transport public, fees to polluting companies and environmental protection laws, reduce the use of private and publics vehicls of fossils fuels, convert polluting cities as green cities, think and do green. It can be done. A citizen of Barcelona. 

SAVE THE WORLD. Let´s act.