Decision Maker Response

Medical Schools Council’s response

Nov 18, 2020 — The Medical Schools Council is grateful for the issues this petition has raised about the importance of representation in healthcare. Medical schools must play a key role in reducing health disparities by equipping our future doctors with the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best possible care to all patients.

Medical schools have been working on diversifying curricula on an individual level for some time. However, until recently, there was not a national forum to share best practice in this area. The Medical Schools Council has therefore set up an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Alliance with representation from UK medical schools and students.

The first piece of guidance to be produced by the Alliance will provide an overview of the current situation and give suggestions on how medical schools can address EDI issues across a range of different areas. Part of this work will include developing recommendations on diversifying curricula by ensuring that representation of diverse patient and student groups, as well as challenging stereotypes, are covered.

This petition has also rightly highlighted that it is essential that all medical students feel represented and included. We believe that it is important to provide a space in which student voices can be heard. The Medical Schools Council will facilitate this by holding engagement events with medical students from across the UK to gather their views on a number of EDI issues, including how curricula can be diversified.