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Good Morning Britain is just a television programme. It is NOT some mighty beast that can broadcast incorrect information and then refuse to speak to the people who are concerned about it.  Since 5th December 2017, we have been trying to ask you to correct the incorrect information given out on the Dog Meat Debate when chef Anthony Worrall-Thompson announced it was fake news!   Most people, including the Humane Society International know that the absolute opposite is true!  The torture is real and horrendous and it affects millions of dogs and cats worldwide (pets, just like our own!)  We have done everything we possibly could since then to speak with you but you have totally refused to speak to us in any way.   This has now become a major concern for us all, not just the original complaint but the fact that Good Morning Britain seems to be ignoring and treating with contempt  all the viewers genuine concerns. What sort of society is this if broadcasters have become a law unto themselves and behave as if we ordinary people are of no importance at all? This same message has now been sent to the worldwide press to ask them for their opinion.  We cannot live in a society where broadcasters like Good Morning Britain are able to broadcast inaccurate information with no responsibility to put right that information, when it is pointed out. We cannot live in a society where programmes, broadcasters like yourselves are able to ignore legitimate complaints from concerned viewers and refuse to have any communication with them. Good Morning Britain, you cannot continue to behave as a law unto yourself.  On December 5th last year you allowed chef Anthony Worrall-Thompson's remark that the Dog Meat Trade is fake news go unchallenged and uncorrected. Since then we, www.stopthedogandcatmeattradeworldwide.com have been trying to speak to the programme and asked you to correct this misinformation. We have phoned, emailed, spoken to various viewer services teams and made it an official complaint. The programme team have ignored us consistently and refused to speak to us.  It does not matter what our complaint was, it does not matter if you agree with us or not. The point is no broadcaster should think itself so powerful it can ignore the public!  We, the general public ask you again to listen to our genuine complaint, apologise for the error you made and do what we have only ever asked for which is to correct your error and TELL THE PUBLIC THE TRUTH about the EVIL & BARBARIC dog and cat meat trade worldwide.  Please reply to our Group E mail address (below) to discuss this further - THANK YOU - 

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