How to Remove and Prevent Spam Emails in Gmail Account

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How to Remove and Prevent Spam Emails in Gmail Account

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Spam issue with an email account has become a continuous fixture in an online world. In addition, mistakenly hitting a spam link may lead to several virus infections and identity crime. An individual can fight to the spammers by enthusiastically blocking the spam emails that you have been receiving for a longer period of time.

For such kind of issue, you need to take the help of a right technical method for preventing and removing Spam emails.

Steps to remove and block spam from your Gmail inbox:
• At the initial stage, you need to open Gmail account.
• Afterwards you need to check the box or you can open the message.
• Finally, you need to hit Report Spam Report spam, which is near the top of the page.

Instructions to block an email address:
• First of all, you need to open your Gmail account.
• Then after you need to open the message.
• Now you need to hit click the Down arrow.
• And simply hit Block [sender].
• In case you blocked somebody by fault, you can unblock the particular person by following the same steps.

Delete emails in Spam:
• First you need to open your Gmail account.
• Now on the left, you need to hit Spam. In case you don't see Spam, just hit More
• Lastly, at the top, you need to hit Delete all spam messages now. Or else you can also, choose definite emails and hit Delete permanently.

You can follow the above-mentioned steps and prevent Spam emails in Gmail account. If you confront any sort of difficulty in implementing the steps, you need to dial a phone number 800 for Gmail technical support. It is an excellent method to get connected with a certified professional of Gmail.

Without a doubt, some of the technical problems are common which can be handled by an individual but some of the troubles are complicated which needs the guidance of a tech person. A technical support staff helps in troubleshooting of all the probable Gmail email issues at an affordable rate. The experienced professional team is capable of handling the varied issues of an account. You can trust them blindly and avail the world class tech support solutions as per your liking. For getting additional help, you can contact then via choosing the communication means like chat support or phone number.

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