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The show Victor Magtanggol is a pinoy series that tells the norse mythology of Thor. On its first debut trailer, the show manifest exemplary visuals that excites the audience and even me. It promises improved visuals among other shows produced by the network. As weeks go by, the show drastically decline its quality when it comes to :


  • this goal of this show is supposed to be an adaptation of the norse mythology of Thor. However, the logic of the story even the placement of characters doesn't make sense. The flow of story doesn't portray a mighty hero Thor but a hero with a comedic humor that lessens his heroic character.


  • the most common problem with this kind of show is the lack of focus of creating good writing. Good script is one of the key in making good films, the lines of the character generates direction and stir up the audience emotion in regards to the show. But in this show, it focuses more on the comedic and romantic style of lines that lose its connection with real direction of the story. Most of the lines forces the characters to look unnatural and illogical that leads to bad story telling. 

The problem with this show that is still running on pinoy television creates an impression among Filipinos that our shows here in the philippines will never improve and will always be the least watched genre in the country while foreign series and films dominates us. 

Removing the show might be the solution for this epidemic, maybe making this petition will make networks listen to us and show that we Filipinos are worthy of decent quality shows that we can share and be proud around the world. 




This petition made change with 9 supporters!

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