Gumtree, ban the sale and giveaway of animals on your platform

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Dear Gloria,

I am writing to you to take action and implement a ban on animals listed for sale or 'free to good home' on Gumtree Australia, and forward this petition to head office in the UK. While Facebook has banned the sale of animals on its platform, Gumtree also needs to step up to the plate and self regulate.

Why? Australia's current laws do not do enough to protect animals, and while the RSPCA has intervention powers, it is seldom used. Animal mills operate throughout Australia, breeding animals in breach of local, state and Federal laws. However, the law has been slow to catch up to close the loopholes that allow those such as backyard breeders to operate. 

Just this week, ABC reported that a dog given away for free on its platform (its current ban only applies to selling animals) was handed into a pound two weeks later, with injuries consistent with being used as bait for dogfighting. 

While the state of Victoria has banned the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores as of the 2019 financial year, animal mills across the country continue to operate and churn out animals, with the mother continuously impregnated and then killed before her natural life is at an end.

It is up to us to make the call and make the right decisions for animals, as they cannot. We should know better, and do better to protect animals. Animal rescues and pounds around the nation are continuously full due to animals being given up, and are perpetually cash strapped and time poor.

While educating people to make the right choice and not buy from backyard breeders is a task that is continuous, we also need multinational platforms such as Gumtree to spearhead such initiatives. 

I thank you for your attention, and you are welcome to contact me.