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Trash the new Globe Tattoo Home DSL Plans

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We are all aware that internet service is not cheap here in the Philippines. Compared to our neighboring countries, we rank one of the slowest and most expensive internet in Asia, if not, around the world.

I'm a subscriber of Globe's Tattoo Broadband, I've endured a lot of service issues in the past 3- 5 months. Why? because Globe said that they are on phase2 or phase3 of upgrading their infrastructure. I was hopeful that after the upgrade, service will be better. I'm not sure if the upgrading phase has completed, I'm still experiencing service interruptions, and it's more frequent. But before I get lost with the purpose of this petition, let's go back to why I'm creating this.

Globe's new Tattoo Home DSL Plans are ridiculous. We have adjusted to their FUP, but this new set of plan is too much.

Here's why:

1. From having a "daily" cap, you changed it to "monthly", and the cap limit is ridiculously small!


• For DSL 1 Mbps: 3 GB per account per day
• For DSL 2 Mbps: 5 GB per account per day
• For DSL 3 Mbps: 7 GB per account per day
• For DSL 5 Mbps: 10 GB per account per day
• For DSL 7 Mbps: 10 GB per account per day


• For DSL 1 Mbps: 10 GB per account per month
• For DSL 2 Mbps: 10 GB per account per month
• For DSL 3 Mbps: 15 GB per account per month
• For DSL 5 Mbps: 20 GB per account per month
• For DSL 7 Mbps: 30 GB per account per month

2. "What will happen to my internet connection if I use up my data allowance?
Your subscribed speed will be throttled down to 64Kbps. "

3. Added features are not really practical, who uses HOOQ? Spotify has a free version (with Ads). NBA LP is appealing (big NBA fan), but not everyone wants it.

I'm not sure what marketing strategy this is, but I'm sure that this one wasn't planned and deliberated based on market demands.

Let me share to you some feedback about this new plan.

"I guess what we can do is let the public know about these new plans and highlight the LIMIT once it's launched para alam nila na Globe is NOT a good choice of DSL starting March 22.

Nakakatawa ang Globe. Imbis na they invest in improving their capacity like PLDT, they are more on curbing their subscribers' usage of the internet which is really a step backward. This move shows how greedy this company is. Sayang talaga." - jeyem_08 of TPC

"I agree na ambaho ng bagong allowance nila na Monthly na napakaliit kung titignan mo ung per Day Basis, halatang pang social media lang with no Videos or at least 240p lang na pagkanda labo labo for 3mbps. However, on the other side is yung mga existing customers ay hindi maapektuhan lalo na kung dumadami subscribers nila. Baho lang talaga ng sobrang baba na Monthly allowance" - Lanzeloth of TPC


"Ano ba ginagawa ng DTI / NTC ? Super greedy ng bagong plans ng Globe" - bintsmok of TPC


Please share this so DTI/NTC would be aware of this and inform the public of what to expect when signing up with Globe.

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