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Prohibition on all animal breeding

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Our animal shelters, kennels, rescue organizations and sanctuaries are filled to capacity and beyond! These establishments are run by amazingly compassionate individuals and the surrendered, abandoned, abused and neglected animals they rescue are the lucky ones, although they are still tormented with loneliness and anguish until they are adopted into forever homes. Otherwise, they are ultimately euthanized to make room for newcomers. Millions of those that have not been rescued due to insufficient space and/or funding are left to suffer the hardships of homelessness.

The situation is dire and the blame MUST fall on animal breeders who senselessly and carelessly increase animal populations for profit, without regard of the inevitable consequences. The list of breeder activities and their motives is long but the most obvious are farmers who breed animals for the meat, dairy and egg industries, breeders for the racing industries (horses, dogs, etc.), breeders of working animals (horses, dogs, mules, etc.), breeders for circuses (tigers, lions, monkeys, elephants, etc.) and, of course, breeders of pets (cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and much more).

Animals know how to procreate and as humans, we have no right interfering by breeding species other than our own. Animal breeding is abusively exploitive and eventually culminates in pain and untimely death of innocent beings. There is an urgent need to permanently prohibit ALL animal breeding; household pets, farmed animals and exotic creatures!

Join us by signing this petition and calling on your Senators and Representatives to legislate this very important prohibition.


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