Display Animal Tested Warning

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Animal testing for cosmetics, household cleaning products, cigarettes etc, is still present in Australian Society. With multiple facilities all around Australia, it is still a REQUIREMENT to test potentially harmful products on the sensitive skins of animals before it reaches our shelves in supermarkets and stores. 
Animals used in these experiments live their short lives in a cage, being tortured and mutilated with no pain relief, only to be killed once they are no longer of use. An example of just one of these tests is called the Draize Rabbit Eye Test. Chemicals are poured into the rabbits eye, which cause intense burning, itching and pain. Clips are placed on the eyes to keep them open over the duration of the experiement, which can last for days.  In the Draize test for skin irritancy, the test substances are applied to skin that is shaved and abraded (several layers of skin are removed with sticky tape), then covered with plastic sheeting. Yet if these acts were done to a human, those responsible would be sent to jail. 
These are just two examples of thousands that are carried out every day to fellow sentient beings, but it is not aknowledged by the general public. To bring awareness to this, I propose that brands who test on animals should clearly state this information on their labels, so consumers know what it is they're actually buying. Millions suffer each year under the hands of humans, even though there are humane ways to test these products. 
My goal is to put an end to these barbaric practices, help ban cosmetic testing by the decline in purchases and to protect those who have been mutilated for 'science'.