JUSTICE for Pup locked in the trunk of a car in Florida!

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On July 1st 2018 in Panama City, FL witnesses saw pet owners: shove a pup in a pet carrier, throw the carrier in the trunk of their car, shut the trunk and walk into a mall to go shopping! The police responded, broke a window, pulled down the back seat, removed luggage and rescued the pup. The entire process took around 30 minutes. The couple (vacationing in FL from MS) were arrested and are currently in jail under $10K bond each. Panama City Police Dept issued a statement on Facebook saying: "The pup is being held at animal control until the courts decided whether or not to give her back." This petition serves two purposes: To plea for the pups life by begging the Judge/Court NOT to return her. We also asked that the owners be punish to the fullest extent that Florida law allows. This was a malicious act of animal cruelty! If this had not been witnessed by others and her rescue had not taken place in a timely manner, she would have died of suffocation! Can you imagine the sheer terror this poor pup endured being locked in a dark trunk in the blazing July sun! The owner told officers: "He put her in the trunk because he did not want her making a mess in the car." After that shocking statement he should never be allowed to own an animal again. News story and other information is listed under updates on this petition.