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I would like to bring to your attention that the majority of Glastonbury Town community feel very strongly about the proposed introduction, installation and operation of 5G technology within the town. Their primary concern is that this new and unprecedented 5G technology still has not had any official credible safety tests or broad spectrum health risk assessments before the nation is to be fully exposed to it.
It is indeed extremely likely to cause significant health issues for the people who have exposure to it, with unknown long term into the future health effects and especially for the young children of this current time.
Our own UK Government is the financial driving force behind 5G roll out, but they have never said or categorically stated or published any research that the 5G frequency emissions are a safe, time proven technology without public health risks.
There is a myriad of overwhelming evidence from eminent scientists, doctors and health officials (even within the World Health Organisation) who have expressed and publicised their most serious concerns about the exposure to 5G frequency and its potential future health repercussions.
There are already many Countries, Cities, Towns and States who have recognised the potential harm not only to the Human species but also to anything organic that has cellular lifeforce energy, and they have made informed decisions to say No to 5G in their community at this time, until at least there has been further adequate independent transparent testing and public health assurances.

To demonstrate that there are real and genuine health concerns in the Glastonbury community about the onset and roll out of 5G, the community who you serve and are both accountable and answerable to, have asked to have their collective views respected, represented and acknowledged, and respectfully ask that as their ambassadors, you, the Town Council, will say no to the installation of 5G and its related hardware in the town that is their home.
There is an expectation that you will respond to, and address the community concerns and share, liaise and consult with them regarding 5G emissions in their Town.

I started this petition because…
I have a particular interest in related health issues with regard to EMF, RF frequencies. This has led me to work with and support people who are Electro Sensitive and experience personal daily challenges coping with the effects of modern radiation.
I have also been a Citizens Advocate for many years and have helped many people and groups with RF related issues including public sector departments as well.
I am also a regular public speaker at conferences, symposiums, exhibitions and scheduled events.
I give three types of regular talks:
"Why we become Unwell"
"Electro Sensitivity"
"5G Awareness Talks"
I am also always available in the capacity of a Consultant to help or advise with RF related issues.