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Stop the new take-off flight path over south Bearsden

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Glasgow airport airspace consultation (; pink is current, blue is proposed on image above) is proposing to change the take off flight path, so that areas of south Bearsden not currently in the flight path will now have airplanes taking off directly overhead. The change in flightpath means that areas with currently no official noise pollution (such as Killermont) will now be exposed to take-off noise pollution.

NOTE: It is very important to respond to the consultation at the link above, as well as signing this petition. Make sure you give specific reasons and mention the flightpath over South Bearsden.

This proposal is partly being put in place to allow Glasgow airport to expand over time, which would mean an increase in the number and size of flights. The areas directly affected are Canniesburn Road, just north of Canniesburn Toll and Kessington/Killermont. Even if you are not from this area, you might consider signing this petition, to avoid a precedent of changing a flightpath to significantly increase noise pollution in a dense residential area not previously significantly affected by aircraft noise.

We want to stop this change in flightpath, and ask that the current turning location be maintained for the following reasons:

1. Noise pollution.

Many residents moved to this area specifically because it is one of the few areas in Bearsden which is adjacent to the flightpath rather than directly under it. Some people don’t mind being under a flightpath, but some people do mind, as it would affect their quality of life (people who are woken up by loud noises for example). People who are affected by aircraft noise are more likely to live in Bearsden south than other areas of Bearsden, as the flightpath location will have been a determining factor in choosing where to live. Moving the flightpath now will therefore introduce louder aircraft noise in an area where many residents are likely to be negatively impacted by that noise.

In addition, as flights will be turning at a lower height than in the current flightpath, noise pollution will be greater than It is at present.

There are a number of studies that have shown a detrimental effect of noise pollution on the health of residents living directly under the flightpath (

2. House prices

South Bearsden is not currently under the flightpath, and this fact is reflected in the house prices. Introducing significant noise pollution to this area would inevitably lead to a decrease in house prices, which would result in a decreased quality of life for many residents, and may prevent those most affected by the change from moving to an area with less noise pollution.

3. Air pollution

Being located directly under a take-off flightpath, when airplanes are using the most fuel, will inevitably affect air quality. Many residents chose to live in the south of Bearsden to be further away from the flightpath and potential pollution. Changing this now is unacceptable.

The consultation timing is also of note- at the end of winter, when everyone has been mostly inside for the past few months, and therefore at the time of year when residents are less troubled by the nearby flightpath. 

If you agree with these comments, please sign the petition and pass on to others who might feel affected by the proposal.


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