Scrap GCU Graduation Fees For Students

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If a 4th year student wishes to attend graduation and celebrate with their fellow classmates and family, they are required to not only pay £52 in "admin fees" to GCU, but also £42 for gown hire to an external company. We have been told by GCU that academic dress is mandatory and so the total cost to graduate is £94
This is a huge cost especially to those already having to pay their tuition fees themselves.

GCU has been contacted by email to ask for a breakdown of their £52 cost but has failed to give one.

GCU also stated in an email that if you cannot afford to attend graduation, you should graduate in absentia which will cost you £26.

Glasgow University and Strathclyde University have scrapped their graduation fees and we think GCU should do the same and scrap the £52 so we only need to pay £42 to the external cap and gown hire that is mandatory.