The greyhound racing industry is obscenely cruel and corrupt. SHUT IT DOWN NOW!

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The Special Commission of Inquiry into the Greyhound Racing Industry in NSW June 2016 states:  "... the greyhound racing industry has been exposed as an industry that:   has implicitly condoned as well as caused, the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of healthy greyhounds; • has failed to demonstrate that in the future it will be able to reduce the deaths of healthy greyhounds to levels the community could tolerate; • has engaged in the barbaric practice of live baiting; • has caused and will continue to cause injuries to greyhounds that range from minor to catastrophic; • has treated greyhounds as dispensable commercial commodities; • has deceived the community concerning the extent of injuries and deaths caused during race meetings; • has preferred the commercial interests of the industry to the animal welfare interests of greyhounds."  An April 2016 RSPCA report states greyhounds have been exported to Macau, Vietnam and china where there is significant risk of poor animal welfare outcomes including stress and injuries associated with long-distance transport, lack of animal welfare legal protection in importing countries, and the potential to enter the dog meat trade. 

In 2017 NSW Racing Minister Paul Toole handed the greyhound racing industry $41 million of taxpayer money to clean up their act.  So far they havent.   Now he's given them $500,000 more for a special prize.  How DARE he use our tax dollars to fund this obscenely cruel and corrupt industry.  SHUT IT DOWN NOW!