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Amendments to N.S.W. Workers Compensation Legislation

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To the people of N.S.W. in 2012 we were all lied too in relation to the impact of workers compensation and its sustainability. This was simply the Liberal Party scaring the public, to look after the business end of town being insurance companies,  after 5 years everything that changed in 2012 was not necessary to change and over 5 billion sits in government coffers when it should be distributed to injured workers, the Liberal Government does not care how much you suffer from a workplace injury. The actions didn't even save policy holders very much in premiums, workplace injury can happen to anyone at anytime and you will get little if any support with the exception of insurance companies trying to save money by forcing you back to work earlier than advised by doctors.

The current maximum payout for death or incapacity is $750,000 which is a barbaric third world country figure, between the years of 2012 and 2015 the max rate for incapacity is $220,000 so for 50% incapacity you will be paid $110,000 which is just criminal. The 2015 adjustment is $500,000 and this is only for workers injured from 2015 forward, death is $750,000, so one has to ask our government what is the value of a workers life, and his family when they have to confront such a horror in their life, their future, $750,000 wouldn't cover most peoples mortgage in this day and age let alone securing the future of the deceased workers children for education and similar, especially when the wage relied upon ceases to exist overnight.

Further to this if you exceed 20% or 30% you may get a pension till you're 67 years old, but you can never get a loan from a bank using your pension as a wage, something else the imbeciles creating this barbaric legislation didn't consider. so explain to me how in the years 2012 to 2015 lump sum payments for 20% incapacity equal $44,000 and 30% equal $66,000, come 2015 for the same injury 20% equal to $100,000 and 30% equal to $150,000, How disgusting and immoral are the people in the Liberal Party,  who we elected in 2012 to look after the better interests of the people of N.S.W. especially the workers be so discriminating and barbaric, and guess what they couldn't care less, they treat the workers of N.S.W. like a third world individual and with the utmost contempt.

What needs to be done and done expediently is the following:

1. Bring the maximum payout for death and 100% incapacity to a minimum of $1,000,000 and this needs to be back dated to 2012 to ensure fairness and non discrimination to all work injury sufferers. This amount is not unrealistic, is very reasonable in today's economy, standards of living and is easily supported within the 5 billion plus funding for injured workers, sitting in government coffers doing nothing.

Approximately 20 workers are killed annually in workplace accidents within N.S.W., subtract 20 million from 5 Billion, you can now see how barbaric the N.S.W Liberal party is in relation to the workers of N.S.W.

Force the N.S.W. government to face this and stop brushing it aside.

2.All workers claims from August 2012 till present day require adjustment where their percentage of payout, the years where injuries occurred between 2012 and 2015  should  be brought in line immediately with the current maximum of $500,000 progressing to the maximum 1 million dollar payout for death and 100% incapacity, within two years, these payouts still have very minimal impact on the 5 billion dollars and increasing funds of the work injury pool.

3. Legal services should be capped at the amount they can charge for a case and their fees are separate to the worker claim and paid by the insurer.

4. Traveling to and from work insurance should be reinstated, again we were lied to by this state government on the impacts with insurance and the costs of these claims.

5. The legal fraternity and most insurers have acknowledged that the current system is still grossly unfair toward the worker, why hasn't the Baird or Berejiklian governments addressed the issues that have been presented to them for amending the legislation

Its time the workers of N.S.W. and their families stood up to be counted, they need to send a direct message to politicians that we are not putting up with being treated like third world citizens, we have a right to being treated with respect, dignity and equality, not discriminated against especially with dates that injuries occurred, they are the same injuries regardless of what year they occurred and they require fair payouts equally.

The job of any politician is to act on behalf of the people and in the better interests of the people, the current workers compensation legislation is not in the better interests of the people I can assure you.

The message to the N.S.W. government is to fix the mess you created in 2012 abolishing the former workers compensation act, without discrimination in relation to years injuries occurred, Establish a maximum of 1 million dollars as payment for a workers death or 100% incapacity, you the politician work for us and if you cant do the job we the people elected you to do, then get the hell out of politics and let someone that has the better interests of the people as their priority take your place.

Gladys Berejiklian stated in her first speech that she will be a premier for the people, well I'm certain this will be one of the many top election issues and we will see how much she will look after the workers in this state.So Gladys its time for you to do your job and that is looking after the interests of the workers of N.S.W. and if that appears beneath you then you should stand aside and endorse someone more capable of looking after the interests of the N.S.W. people.

To Luke Foley this is one of the most important issues for the N.S.W. workers and if you don't again start screaming the house down over this, it may well contribute to another Labor election defeat

Just remember accidents at work can happen to anybody even politicians fall off bikes.

This is not just about signatures as that is only a part of forcing change, attending your local member and constantly presenting your view causes change

the greater the amount of signatures on this issue the more likely change when it will be presented to the Premier of N.S.W. for her governments action to amend the current legislation and improve it far better than it currently exists.

Remember this government did an about face on the greyhound industry, are the workers of this state far less important than the the greyhounds within the greyhound industry, the absolute contempt this government shows injured workers, is astounding and we the people allow the premier and her cabinet to treat us this way.

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