NSW Historic Numberplates: use of standard size or personalised plates for motor vehicles.

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The current NSW Historic Registration scheme differs from other Australian States, primarily with respect to the Historic Number Plates issued and the use of existing or personalised plates under this conditional registration scheme. The issue brought forward is in relation to the odd size (250mmx100mm) of the Historic Number Plates, which are a much smaller-than-standard 6 digit plates. These small plates do not fit standard mounting holes on the classic vehicles that they are intended for and therefore require non-standard modification or homemade brackets to enable them to fit existing mounting locations on the vehicles. This creates unnecessary complexity for the classic vehicle owner, as well the relevant governing body (producing non-standard plate sizes). This complication can be easily avoided and facilitated via number plate recognition technology, and leading towards a standardised scheme across the various States.

The existing Historic plate would be better as a standard sized 6 digit format so at the very least, the plate could be correctly fixed to the vehicle.
Further, if the NSW Government was to also allow the use of personalised plates on historic vehicles (as they do in SA & Qld) the car owner would have to pay the normal Order Fee of $233 + the Annual Fee of $107pa, leading to a recurrent cash-flow income stream for the Government, and significantly reducing their costs. The complexity is also reduced for all parties involved.
The motoring enthusiasts of NSW are requesting standard size Number Plates for Historic Registered vehicles, and the ability to use existing personalised plates under this scheme - as used in SA and QLD.

Please help us lobby the Government to address this issue.