Create more car spots for the brand new Sydney Metro North West stations

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I am pretty happy about most things in Sydney these days. I think that genuinely it is a good city to live in and has many positives. I hate living in a first world country and complain about things, because we live in a land of freedom. I am thankful for that.

However, this new Sydney Metro North West train line has me so angry! Everyone was so excited for this! Many of us have moved to affordable suburbs out west because we were told this magical train line was going to be a game changer! People moved to The Ponds, Schofields, Riverstone, McGrath’s Hill, Box Hill and areas around The Hawkesbury!

 My husband commutes from Windsor Station and goes all the way around Sydney, through the CBD to get to North Sydney station. When we bought in The Hawkesbury, we were so excited, now having a second car to drive to one of the new stations (Rouse Hill, Tallawong, Kellyville etc...) and enjoy the ‘quick ride to the city’. This was finally going to help so many commuters to get to their jobs quickly and home to families.

The issue is, they have built these great new stations and NO PARKING! What does this look like for everyday, hard working Australians? Commuters are having to park on top each other on streets around these stations. Additionally, if you were unlucky enough to live near these new stations, your quiet streets are now bumper to bumper with cars that you can not have visitors over or even park out the front of your own homes. Another issue is that commuters are leaving hours and hours before they should have to, just to grab a car spot. This is extremely stressful. 

The government have boasted adding an additional 1000 spaces to the existing 3000 spaces. Rouse Hill, the largest hub with an expected growth of 15,000 people in the next 5 years, has NO CAR PARKING! They didn’t make a car park. Kellyville currently has 1200 spots, Cherrybrook has 400, Showground has 600, Bella Vista 800 and Tallawong has 1200! This is simply not enough! So do you park 30 minutes (or more) away and walk to the station? Or just agree with the government, who think their solution of extra linking buses to the stations will be great! This is again, more time wasted! 

In addition, they have not even finished the line. This means if my husband manages to snag one of those car parks from a station after driving 30-40 minutes and gets the 40 minute train ride to Chatswood... he has to then wait and change at Chatswood to get to North Sydney. It works out that all of this would take longer then his original journey of parking at Windsor Station and driving around the world to get to North sydney. At least his current commute allows him to stay on one train and no fuss... just a long train ride.

Instead of corporate greed using all available land in Sydney to build more houses... we need to think or our failing transport system. The leaders need to spend a week in Japan or any other city and see what clever planing and efficiency looks like. 

Enough is enough! Give us our car parks!

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