Justice for Julia, wrongfully sacked by NSW Government for being transgender

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Julia Doulman is a transgender woman who was a NSW Government bus driver in Sydney.  She is also the subject of the documentary film Becoming Julia in 2003, that according to many eminent Australians, including former High Court Judge Justice Michael Kirby, was a great help to others dealing with being transgender as well as helping to bring about understanding and acceptance of transgender people.  Julia has been described as being very courageous and generous for making such a difficult and private part of her life public for the benefit of others.  There had been no such film prior to Becoming Julia

Soon after Julia transitioned, her employer, the State Transit Authority of NSW (STA) sacked her without warning, not even the mandatory written warnings required under the law at the time.  Julia was sacked for "aggressive behaviour" after she tried to defend herself against a man bigger and younger than she was when he attacked her in the bus driver's seat after forcing the bus door to gain entry.  Witnesses refused to give statements as they did not want to become involved.  STA has since given three subsequent different, contradictory and demonstrably dishonest reasons to NSW Premiers and Ministers as to why she was sacked.  Nobody in authority has been willing to give Julia a fair hearing and have accepted the contradictory statements from STA as fact.  This has resulted in Julia becoming homeless and suffering "serious clinical depression".  Anybody who accepts these contradictory statements is clearly turning a blind eye to the facts and condoning dishonesty in the NSW bureaucracy


To have Gladys Berejiklian or Michael Daley, if he becomes Premier, accept that STA has misled the authorities as to its reason for sacking Julia and to compensate her for her lost salary, superannuation, homelessness and suffering she has endured from this clear act of discrimination and breach of law.  Julia has done much for the transgender cause in bringing about acceptance by helping to educate society.  Julia needs and deserves justice and STA needs to be taught it cannot ignore employment, discrimination and EEO laws and policies

Justice for Julia is justice for all transgender people working or wanting to work in the NSW public sector, particularly in a male-dominated blue collar areas such as STA where anecdotal reports suggest little has changed for transgender bus drivers.  Transgender people are misunderstood and consequently marginalised and discriminated against.  This is borne out by the fact that 20% of transgender people suicide, 48% attempt it, 80% think about it and 60% are unemployed even though most were employed prior to transition.

I care about Julia's case because I, too, am transgendered and understand her pain and depression.  I hope and trust she will eventually attain justice through this petition