Working towards preventing unwanted kitten and puppy litters.

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Many litters of puppies and kittens are born every year with no home or families to go to. Many spend their short lives living on the streets with no food, shelter or love or end up at the local pound and being put down. Companion animals are suppose to be living in homes with loving families and not struggling to survive on the streets or being put down just because no one wants them.

Through our voices we can prevent this from happening by asking the Gladstone Regional Council to provide our community with a low cost desexing campaign. This will reduce the number of unwanted litters being born every year and as the years roll on the number of unwanted litters will keep decreasing if the low cost desexing campaign is continued over a period of years.

Personal story
I have worked in animal rescue for many years and every year the number of unwanted litters being born increases and now there are not enough rescue groups to save them all and many rescue people are suffering physically and emotionally as we see the situation getting worse and dreading the following year. Why must these beautiful animals suffer when the answer is so simple. DESEXING your pets will stop the endless breeding and with more affordable prices more people will do the right thing for their pets and have them desexed