Demand that Horace Carby-Samuels Stop Horrific Abuse & Return to Human Decency

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Horace Carby-Samuels who used to teach at the University of Notre Dame and work for the Government of Canada used to be a role model.  He had sought to make the world a better place based upon the principle that "man does not live by bread alone" that is a reference to the Christian Bible. 

Horace once apparently said that he values "integrity" above all other characteristics and he had once sought many years ago to live that way.  Once upon a time, he had also sought to protect his family as any father would.

But starting in 2013, he began to turn his back away from ALL these principles.  In was in that year he began to subject Dezrin, his wife to abuse.  In a note, Dezrin wrote to Raymond, her son, that "Dad Abuses Me". 

On 29 January 2013, Horace then held a knife to his son's stomach and committed bodily assault when Raymond expressed a concern about his observed pattern of abuse and neglect.

Horace began to turn his back more and more away form his formerly stated values of integrity.  He lied that the incident even took place.  But a shaking Dezrin witnessed the whole thing.

Raymond would at a different time find his Mother not breathing on the ground. 

When Raymond called Horace and showed his wife lying on the floor motionless, Horace told Raymond that he was "over-reacting" and demanded that he not call the ambulance.  Raymond called paramedics anyways who instructed him on how to revive his Mother and thanks to Ambulance Services over the phone, by the time paramedics arrived, Dezrin was revived.  Dezrin was grateful to her son.  In a note she wrote that Raymond "saved her life".

Apparently frustrated that Raymond was hanging around his Mother "save her life" as she indicated, and also to protect her from Horace's abuse and neglect, Horace began to further go down a path without integrity.  This included lying to Ottawa police that Raymond "suffered from mental illness" to deflect Raymond's showing of his mother's note that "Dad abuses me".

Based on a lie, Raymond was evicted by Horace against Dezrin's wishes in late April 2015, while Raymond cooked for his Mom.

Horace for weeks seized control of most of Raymond's personal and professional belongings.  To this day, Horace refuses to even give Raymond his own baby pictures and bicycle.  According to Horace, Raymond's photo albums are his property even though Dezrin had made them for her son.

When Raymond was unlawfully evicted by Horace under lies that he concocted that Raymond suffered from "mental illness", Dezrin began to suffer.  Horace began to block the Nepean, Rideau, and Osgoode Community Centre from getting vitally needed support to Dezrin and then once again concocted yet another lie that it was Dezrin and not him who had sought to block their access.

Within weeks under psychotic conditions of abuse, Dezrin lost the ability to walk, write and talk and Dezrin can thank Horace for this along with her so-called "close friends" and family which did nothing to protect Dezrin from Horace's abuse.

Horace then hired an apparent dirty cop named Detective Robert Griffin Jr. to continue to block Raymond's access to trying to get needed support to his Mom after Raymond last saw his Mom back on 12 June 2015.  Horace then got Robert Griffin Jr to harass Raymond for months.  An episode of Robert Griffin's harassment was recorded and has been distributed on YouTube.

In the above video, you will see Raymond along with decent members of the Ottawa Police seeking to check on Dezrin's well being and getting blocked by Horace back in February 2016 following a court order that Raymond obtained.

After Raymond had obtained this Court Order from Justice Patrick Smith, a lying lawyer named John E Summers entered the picture and began a campaign a persecution against Raymond.  Mr. Summers lies included statements that Raymond has been "banned by the Ontario Ambulance Services".  As a result of more and more lies in the name of Horace Carby-Samuels, abuse has been perpetuated against both Dezrin and Raymond who have been illegally prevented from seeing each other as a result of an apparent criminal conspiracy.

Horace used to apparently tell his son how irresponsible Wilford, his own father had been.  But whatever Horace had accused his old man of pales in comparison to Horace's own apparent lies, treachery and abuse involving bodily assault.  Wilford could very well be rolling in his grave at Horace's own reckless conduct in which he concocted lies with his daughter, Marcella Carby-Samuels who cheated her way into a PhD program in Sweden.  Marcella had pretended that she wasn't married to her husband David Tenenbaum who was an active member of the PhD.

Apparently, Marcella wanted Raymond, her own brother, out of the way so that she could lay full claim to any family inheritance.

Horace's actions like his conspiring daughter are without human decency and the kind represent hypocrisy which has endangered human life.

Horace had also blocked the advisement of a doctor at the Bruyere hospital who sought to get Dezrin much needed medical attention.

We, the undersigned reject Horace's deplorable conduct against his own stated values of integrity and demand that Horace cease and his apparent chosen path of wickedness and evil he has perpetrated against his own wife and son.  We demand that Horace stop relying on the apparent "dirty cop" services of Ottawa Detective Robert Griffin Jr who has illegally and bereft of morality prevented Dezrin from seeing her son against her will.








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