End sexist, racist campaign to fund breast binding of indigenous women

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The use of indigenous peoples for medical experimentation is part of the history of European colonisation. From “the Father of Modern Gynecology,” J. Marion Sims, to the German Freikorps, Nazi doctors and the carcenogenic birth control distributed to women in the Pacific and Latin America - the medical establishment has an undying interest in experimenting on African, Latin American, Asian and Pacific people, particularly where women and reproductive anatomy and technologies are concerned.

These days, that experimentation continues, often packaged in the faux-progressive language of transgenderism and "supporting trans rights". So at present, New Zealand crowdfunding site Givealittle is hosting a campaign asking sponsors to "help us buy materials for trans masculine and non-binary people in Africa, Latin America + Central Asia to make their own chest binders."

This is old school racist medical experimentation by another name. While packaged in "progressive" language, this campaign asks supporters to help fund the experimental mutilation of women's bodies, particularly indigenous women's bodies.

Breast binding is a painful and mutilating practice that intentionally damages breast tissue, is destructive to women's bodies, and can lead to compressed and broken ribs, build-up of fluid in the lungs, breathing difficulty and compression of the spine.

In each region specified, women are oppressed. This predatory campaign seeks to encourage indigenous women to accept Western transgenderism as a "way out" of oppression - while instead turning them into victims of white, patriarchal medicine.

Givealittle's campaign is sexist, racist and homophobic. Practices like breast binding, breast ironing, and female genital mutilation must be ended, not supported - and Givealittle must not host crowdfunding campaigns supporting these practices.

Help us end this campaign, now.