Make Hazbin Hotel a Full Length Series

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Hello there fellow Hazbin Hotel Fans,

As you are aware that VivziePop is going to be releasing the pilot of Hazbin Hotel soon and she has blessed us with clips from the show including a musical scene (Inside of every demon is a rainbow). We have watched the clips countless times, drawn and created fanart and fanfics of our favorite characters and the pilot hasn't come out yet (or it will soon/or has already-I am just writing this to add some time lapse-past and future).

With the pledges she's been given on Patreon, her fanart loved by fans all around the net, merchandise popping up in various merch stores around the net (redbubble, shark robot, etsy, storenvy, and others), streams guest starring Angel Dust's Voice Actor and Ashley (Which have been awesome), and of course song covers of Inside of every demon is a rainbow hitting around. Her clips have been trending from #2 to #1 with each new release-which has gained a LOT of popularity all around the net.

With the pilot coming out soon-It'll be a smashing hit. But what then? I mean with such colorful characters, awesome scenary, the setting, effects, music numbers AND the story-will it stay just a pilot? Well I think no! I come before you today to gather together as a fanbase community to turn VivziePop's Pilot into a full length series! If we can gather enough people, enough fans to sign this petition to show to Netflix ALONG WITH all the material of Hazbin hotel like clips and the pilot and everything else to show them-to propose to them. Perhaps and I say this seriously-PERHAPS they'll think about greenliting the show into a full length series.

Don't you all want to know more about such colorful characters? Their backstories? Origins? Wacky adventures? Story Arcs? Surprising secrets? Terrifying Ordeals? Love? Obstacles? Slice of Life!? MUSICAL numbers especially from Angel Dust, Sir Pentious, Charlie, Vaggie, Alastor and everyone!?

Then I ask of you-Please share this petition around, show your friends the show (and the pilot when it comes out/came out), buy the merchandise made by dedicated fans and Vivziepop herself. Let's turn this Unholy, but AWESOME Pilot INTO A FULL LENGTH SERIES WITH MANY SEASONS, MUSICAL numbers, soundtrack, official merchandise AND THE WHOLE WAZOOO!

Here are vivziepop's links of her show:



 Update: Also I am aware that this is becoming a full series since Vivziepop mentioned it in a wiki of hazbin hotel or that, but this will help it along greatly. :) I mean with a series coming, ya need to find a good place for it am I right? And also Adult Swim on Cartoon Network would be a good place too for it as someone said on facebook. Or Comedy Central. I mean if that bojack horseman can get a show on netflix thanks to his creator, so can Hazbin hotel. PLUS THERE was a reference in the SPider in Kinky Boots when he was getting drugs.

 Update #2: Also I just added another place that could help Hazbin Hotel-Rooster Teeth! They make animated series and other programs too! :) So I say maybe they can help Vivziepop out perhaps too. :) That and on youtube as well like other shows, series and whatnot too or they can be like Rooster teeth and grow into an incredible company. :3


Update #3: Also I am aware that Vivziepop did mention in the first stream video on youtube that she is looking to try to pitch the show to Hulu and Netflix. Perhaps also she can try to pitch it to SOny Crackle and amazon too. But anyway this petition will help back her up to show the networks that we the fans are behind her on wanting this show to hit the big time on tv screens and stream sites across the net and world.