Give dads a fair chance

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My now partner and ex wife went to court for custody of their son. My partner wanted shared custody, after all, it’s takes two to make a baby. 

Their son now only sees his dad every other weekend and one day in the week. They split the holidays equally. 

My partner does not have a criminal record, nor is he violent or a drunk. In fact, he’s a brilliant dad punished by the court system... why? Because he is male. 

At present the case is still being reviewed, after £10,000 of court fees which could have been better spent on their son. 

I call upon the government, the courts, and frankly anyone who will listen, that dads should be given the same rights as mothers. We are all equal in this world, and it’s about time the justice system changed to reflect this. 

Please sign the petition to bring up this debate in parliament, and to bring equality to all parents.