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Keep Camp Wakatomika open for summer resident camp

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Girl Scouts LOVE Camp Wakatomika.  We will not send our girls to Camp Molly Lauman because it is too far away. We also will not put them on a bus to be driven to Camp Molly Lauman.  We want a local resident camp and love the traditions that Camp Wakatomika has.  GS decided to do away with resident camp at Wakatomika after a Girl Scout 3 year study of property and usage of the camps and from the results of a survey conducted.  Part of the decision was based off information girls were asked over the phone of what could be improved.  But they were not told that their answers could effect the decision on whether or not to discontinue resident camp at this location. The parents who drive their children to camp should have been asked that IF the decision was made to close resident camp at Camp Wakatomika, would they be willing to drive their child to Camp Molly Lauman?  The answer for me is no. The results of the survey found that only 3% of Girl Scouts attend resident camp (both Camp Wakatomika and Camp Molly Lauman combined) so driving 3 hours away is going to make that percentage better???  The distance to Camp Molly Lauman is too far.

Driving to a camp more than 3 hours away that may have better facilities is not an option for us.  We love Camp Wakatomika just the way it is and we want Camp Wakatomika open for summer camp in 2015!

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