Electrifying Venice

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Venice, legendary lagoon city, unique in the world, is threatened by the pollution of its motor-boats, whose emissions pollute the air and whose wakes erode the palaces.  Our objective is to transform Venice's motor boats into a modern fleet of non-polluting, zero-emission vessels.

To transform Venice’s motorised waterborne traffic, particularly its public transport from diesel/petrol engines to zero emission electric propulsion. In so doing reduce the fumes, the noise, the vibration and the wave-making to better conserve a beautiful city.

Our targeted end-date is nine years – 2028.

This petition is to be presented to both the Mayor and the Patriarch of Venice.

As demonstrated via the successful implementation of electric buses and taxis in major cities world-wide, this technology already exists; it is also available for marine use.  Venice has a great sea-faring history - to survive, the Lagoon city must enter the 21st century.

If you have been seduced by this magnificent city, but would have preferred to have travelled around in quieter, wave-free, zero-emission vessels, please add your name to this petition - better yet, share it to your social media to spread the word.  

We, the undersigned, as past and future visitors to Venice, hereby petition Signor Luigi Brugnaro, the Mayor of that City and Monsignor Francesco Moraglia, the Patriarch of Venice, to accept and to organise the replacement of the current fleet with clean, quiet, palazzo-friendly electric boats by the year 2028.