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Professor Scott Hancock Must Resign

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The Battle of Gettysburg marked a turning point in the American Civil War and was a defining moment in our nation’s history. For three days in July 1863, soldiers in blue and gray clashed at Gettysburg in what would become the bloodiest battle ever fought on the North American continent, with more than 51,000 soldiers killed, wounded, or captured.

Today, Gettysburg is once again under threat – not from warring armies, but from those who would seek to desecrate the memory of the Americans who fought there.

Professor Scott Hancock, who teaches Africana Studies at Gettysburg College has protested and rallied numerous times at the Battlefield and is quite vocal in his hatred for the Confederacy.

Now in a statement to the Evening-Sun he claims "Those monuments are communicating something, and we should educate the public on what they’re communicating and why they’re communicating a particular message," "The message", he stated, "revises history with a narrative of the Confederacy that leaves out their true cause". He also states, "Those monuments deserve particular scrutiny because of the social and racial context of the time, during and just after the Civil Rights era".

The public demands that a man, who some believe is tied with Black Lives Matter, should NOT be educating children based on his own rhetoric and narrative. He is teaching hate and needs to be removed from his position at Gettysburg College.

As a descendant of one of the nation's most beloved generals, an honorable man whose life was lived with integrity and humility while serving his countrymen, I demand that the heinous assault and flagrant fabrications against not only General Robert E. Lee, but all Confederate veterans, halt, including the ludicrous call for removal of our nation's historical monuments.

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