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Good Afternoon.

One of my elementary and high school friends was diagnosed with ALS last year.  After the ice bucket challenge and money raised, myself and others thought Canada was researching. Helping those suffering. We never thought Canadians with ALS were thrown in assylm left to die.  We never thought anyone would be ripped from their family, told there's possible cures in the United States but they are not allowed to benefit from the research done, lie here, wait, and yes, you will die.  No more funding for you.

You would not want to think, that would be a conversation between a patient with ALS and Health officials.  

But it is.

I cannot say it better then how Sean Tagert in British Columbia types out his story.

These are his words.....

"Hi all,
So many of you know of my struggle to stay at home with ALS, mostly due to the lack of options in BC. British Columbians should be ashamed of the George Pearson Centre, which badly neglects advanced patients until they die. This week we were told I’d be put in a ward of ten people, basically a bed with curtains around it. Vancouver Coastal Health met with me last week, an organization put in charge of the CSIL program by the BC government, made up of people like Melie DeChamplain, Melinda David and Karin Olson who cut me off mid sentence with the statement “we will not discuss more funding “ So I’m stuck with a an endless hiring process because I can’t pay staff what they deserve to be paid. What these caregivers get paid is insulting. I’ve reached out to my MP Nicholas Simons several times and never gotten a single word back.
With unhappy staff, often understaffed, my mother has been trying to cover the gaps, in her Sixties. Last year she was hospitalized for three days for this very same issue. I will not put her through this again . Even with Doctor and Neurologist letters stating I’m of clear mind I keep having to prove my cognitive abilities to stay in control of my own life and decisions.
A massive amount of medical supplies aren’t covered by BC medical, so I am slowly sinking financially, someone who was an 809 credit score less than a year ago. I remember looking at my cheques when I was working, at the 30-40% deductions and thinking at least I’ll be taken care of if something happens. WAKE UP CANADA your government does. Not. Care. About. You.
My plan all along has been to Endure til a cure, but without the support that Canada promises, it seems to be an untenable position . Two therapies that could make me better are being completely ignored by the health authorities .
So left with the options of either waiting for a day that I have no staff available and choking to death, or being institutionalized at George Pearson the “Jail for quads” and dying a slow tortuous death, I’m going to pursue medically assisted death. It will wreck my son, but better then him walking in on a blue contorted corpse one day.
The only thing I have left to give is a meaningful death, so I will be broadcasting the procedure live to protest the failure of the Canadian government to support severely disabled Canadians. I’ve updated my will with instructions for no funeral and no ceremonies. Throw me in the garbage like they want. I’ve attempted to be a good person my whole life. I’ve obviously failed. Peace out."

Hundreds of his friends have been reaching out to television stations, health authorities, to only hear silence.  

Please sign, share!!! Make Sean's story known.  If we can make a difference, it will not be just for him, but for all others with ALS in CANADA!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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