Australia is in a 'State of War' with Bushfires

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Australia is in a ‘state of war’ with Bushfires

This petition has been created to highlight the need for a potential ‘royal commission’ to be implemented and to completely review the failing bushfire management processes in Australia and to proclaim to all constituencies of Australia the inefficiency of the country’s bushfire management methods and the need of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to take over the management of the task supported by ancillary volunteers and other agencies.

The bushfire management is the result of an outdated agreement between the states and territories

We are searching for early government support for our proposed draft management agreement with full ADF commitment.

The Australian government just declared that we have now a bushfire catastrophe.

Management Strategies – “Save the Country Life”

Bushfires are developing as our temperature rises. Cities are expanding into bush areas and more people are wanting to live in the bush needing adequate protection. Too often, they are told to abandon their homes during a fire with great losses occurring to homes, property, wildlife and even loss of lives.
Volunteers – firefighters, fire brigades and service personnel all collectively do their best without adequate and coordinated and continuous suitable air support containing fires on accessible land but are unable to operate effectively in rugged terrain or cope with the increasing number of lightning strikes.
To prevent bushfires from becoming unpredictable, uncontrollable, and catastrophic we need to implement continuous and adequate air suppression with a planned strategy operating from the air day and night.
By signing this petition, people who care and /or have empathy should also spread the word to make others aware and how to remedy the situation to stop our country going up in smoke regularly every year and recognise it is a state of war.
Further detailed information supporting the bushfire management strategies and potential outcomes and actions can be found on our website.


Ø  You can read about the current situation and proposed solutions to improve and adequately manage our bushfire response.

Ø  A report with information that can be found on this website has been widely circulated to federal ministers and agencies involved with the result being, “too risky and expensive”.

Ø  All attempts to manage successfully the current bushfire management strategy have failed. Any attempt to manage successfully with current methods are unable to work from the air continuously day and night with adequate equipment (too late), not yet approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).  

Ø  The overuse of suppressive chemicals in tests and wrong timing (too late) of bushfire outbreaks i.e. The current volunteers’ ancillary forces (fire fighters, SES volunteers, charitable organisations) etc are suffering the consequences of the miss management failures. We need to build a network of stations with a fleet of airtankers as per ADF (Australian Defence Force) strategic assessment.

Ø  It is to accept that the ADF has the capability and strategy to cope with such emergencies in time of war with staff, people, equipment and budget.

Ø  We could start an industry by building airtankers and hire them out off season.

Ø  Paratroopers will act after the initial air suppression from the air controlling of any subsequent spread of fires with chemicals and equipment. The time factor of each stage is critical.

Ø  On the website please refer to the following papers for further detailed information on the bushfire management review and strategies.

Ø  Bushfire Management Review

Ø  About our Seasonal War on Bushfires

Ø  Manifesto

Please support by signing our petition.

Gianni W D’Addario

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President, Friends of Oolong Inc.