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End the ban against pets in Askari Lahore

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Over the past few days, residents from various Askari societies in Lahore have received a notice to "dispose" off their pets by 25th January 2017. The notice stated that pets pose a "danger to the peace and safety of other residents".

We, as concerned citizens and animal rights activists, strongly OPPOSE this notice as:

1) It is INHUMANE to separate residents from their pets, who in many cases form an integral part of their family.

2) The blanket ban is DISPROPORTIONATE: it bans not only dangerous animals, but innocent, friendly and loving pets as well.

3) The ban VIOLATES the fundamental rights of the residents; particularly it violates the privacy of home.

It is disheartening to see Askari and GHQ adopting draconian, blanket bans that will make thousands of animals homeless. Instead of implementing measures that can allow for the integration of animals in our society, it is appalling that the authorities have taken measures that will further exacerbate the SUFFERING of animals. 

It is also worth mentioning that housing colonies like DHA and Askari have frequently participated in CRUEL practices against animals, such as the shooting of stray dogs. Many of these dogs are innocent and pose no threat to people. Thus, the notice is consistent with their policy of treating animals with CRUELTY.

We appeal to Askari and GHQ authorities to immediately withdraw the notice and implement PROPORTIONAL and HUMANE laws like walking your pet on leash, picking up the waste of your pets, etc.


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